PROSPER by Scott Phillips

We all want success, wealth and to transform into this beam of light that everyone can look at as some type of golden salvation. The road does not come easy, there will be shortcuts and distractions but I promise you…maintain your focus and your shit will blossom. Never get discouraged, compete with others, or rush your cliche as it sounds “Trust your process”. You have the potential to bloom into prosperity. 

TRAVEL by Scott Phillips

To take a journey with some length of distance. See the world instead of staying one dimensional and experience different ways of life.  We also travel through life to find our purpose in this world. I encourage you the photographer and others to take your journey that allows your mind, body, and soul to be connected.  

“Your journey is completely is yours. It is unique. Others may try to steal part of it, Tell it in their words or shape it to suit them. Reality is no one can live it or own it but you. Take charge of it, This journey is yours and yours alone” -Kemi Sogunie 

CREATE by Scott Phillips

 I want Flicksbyscott to deliver a meaningful message that is going to inspire creators. Persuade them to jump off the ledge, and don’t second guess yourself. I came up with a three word message that I’m going to stick by. The first word is “CREATE”. We all have the ability to create. This can be a form of art, sound, clothing, opportunity, or hell even a human being for that matter. That is our gift from God no matter what path you take..YOU ARE A CREATOR. Which means you are a person with limitless potential.. -Flicks